Let’s get straight to the point… nobody likes to spend money unnecessarily.  So why should you?  Loads of online marketplaces will list a dozen things that they will give you for “free” when you sign up for a free account.  They’re never really free because they’ll almost always charge you a commission on sales. Then they’ll offer you a few more extras for a little extra of your hard earned cash.  Then why not take their mega-booster-all-inclusive-popular-option and you’ll get everything including the kitchen sink.  Well we’re different.  For one thing, you probably already have a kitchen sink, so instead we will give you everything we have on offer on our account.  All the bells and whistles and we’ll keep adding extras as time goes by BUT we don’t want any monthly payments.  All we’ll expect is 10% commission on your product sales.  10% including the transaction fee that some platforms will charge you.  Nothing more!  So how easy does this make your life?  Whether you make sales and you’re calculating profit… or when you’re costing your products before adding them to your store?  So, I’ll ask you that question again…. Why should you sell with us?

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