Here is our step by step guide to setting up your store.  Following these instructions should make setting up your store easier.  This guide assumes that you have already registered and have now logged in to your Dashboard.

Before adding products, head on over to SETTINGS.

Upload an image to use as your header banner for your shop.  Image size should be 625 x 300 pixels.  You can also add a profile pic – ideal for a pic of yourself or your logo.  Complete all the details on this page including address and contact information.  (See our privacy policy if required).  Once completed, click Update Settings.  Now click on PAYMENT in the left hand menu.

On this page we collect your bank details ie: account number, bank etc.  We require this information to make payments to your account for any purchases from your store.  No information is EVER shared.  Once completed, update settings.  In order to have your account verified you may upload the required documents in the VERIFICATION section.  It is important to ensure that SHIPPING details are completed as no purchases can be completed without shipping information.

Click on ADD SHIPPING METHOD on the bottom right.  Currently shipping is only set up for local shipping throughout South Africa.  Should you require international shipping options please email [email protected]

Click ADD SHIPPING METHOD.  Make your selection from the options available.  Flat Rate Shipping. Local Pickup. Free Shipping. (Note if you select free shipping you will be liable for any shipping costs.

Once selected you will need to edit your shipping option.  For this example we have selected Flat Rate.  Other options will come with their own self explanatory fields to complete according to city or area.  A chat with your preferred courier company regarding costs for shipping your product would be beneficial at this point.  Remember these options can be edited at any time by following this guide.

Enter your shipping amount and save changes.  Select whether taxable or not based on your personal vat set up.  Save changes.

To add another or an alternate shipping method, click ADD SHIPPING METHOD and complete as required.

Click Social Profile to add your Social Media Accounts.

Click Store SEO and complete the fields to improve your stores visibility online.  Once completed, click back to Dashboard at the top left of the left hand menu.  You can now proceed to ADD PRODUCTS.

Products can be divided in to two categories.  Simple product or Variable products.  Simple product set up is exactly that, simple.  This set up is used for individual items such as table, artwork, chess board etc.  Anything that is available in a variety of sizes or colours is a variable product.  This section can be a little trickier but easy once you have uploaded a few.


Click on PRODUCTS from the main menu.  Click ADD NEW PRODUCT button at the top right.

Now completely relaunched, shop for some of the best art, craft and design products available around South Africa and have them delivered directly to your door.  We offer safe and secure online purchases.

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