Here's a quick break down

Register (if you haven’t already done so) and be sure to complete all the fields.  Selecting the name of your store is important as when sharing your online store with the general public it should be something they will easily remember.

Once registered, log in via the Vendor Login link on the home page.  You will be directed to your personal Dashboard.  From this dashboard you are able to:

  1. Upload a header image for your store front
  2. Set up your personal/store profile
  3. Securely add your banking details, allowing us to make payments to you when your store starts taking orders
  4. Add products to your store. Be sure to add the images in the right place.  The hand drawn square on the top right of the products dashboard is your guide.
  5. Add shipping costs (Shipping costs are the responsibility of the vendor so ensure you price your shipping accordingly for shipment)
  6. Check your orders
  7. Check Reports
  8. Read your Store Reviews
  9. Request withdrawal of earnings (minimum amount of R50, 7 days after order is finalized)
  10. Visit your store
  11. Log Out

Should you have any queries, feel free to email us as [email protected]

What does it cost to set up a store?

No monthly fees are charged for stores with less than 20 products. A 10% commission is charged on sales only. 

Stores with more than 20 products will be charged R100 per month plus 10% commission on sales.  Note: The commission fee charged is to cover payment processing charges.

What about Shipping?

Shipping is managed by the vendor.  Online Craft Market is not responsible for shipping or shipping costs.  When a vendor sets up their store, a section is provided for shipping costs to be inserted. This allows vendors to use their courier or shipping company of choice.  All shipping costs entered in the store set up are paid to the vendor in full.